Clinic Policies

For Each Visit

Please try to focus on your main concern or problem. Our doctors do their best to handle all your medical concerns efficiently; however, certain complaints require follow up appointments. Please be prepared to return for follow up appointments at your doctor’s medical discretion. Your doctor will focus on your main problem today and if necessary discuss plans for any other medical issues in future visits.

Understand when you focus on your main concern it also helps the clinic better manage patient flow and appointments. Nobody likes to wait for a long periods of time to see their doctor but if everyone comes with a “list” it inevitably leads to long delays.

Patient Check In Forms

We do have patients fill in forms to check in. These forms ask for your name and reason for the visit. We ask these to be done so that it highlights your main concerns and our office staff and the doctors can serve you better with hopefully less waiting time.

They are confidential and shredded after the visit. Some examples of how it helps us run more efficiently is we need to know if it is an injury at work as a special form needs to be created in the computer, the doctor cannot see you until this form is created in the medical record. If you are on blood pressure pills the office staff will check your blood pressure so that it is already done. If you think you may have a urinary tract infection a urine sample can be tested and we can have the result to discuss with you immediately.


We request that during wet or snowy weather that you remove your footwear or put on shoe covers that are provided. This is to prevent people slipping and becoming injured. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Possibility Of Being Treated By Another Doctor In The Group

We understand that most people do not want to wait for weeks or months to see their family doctor and will strive to achieve open access for our patients allowing access to doctors in a more time efficient manner. In order to achieve this objective it may require you to be seen by another doctor in the group but as we have one patient record continuity of care is maintained.

Prescription Renewals

In order to provide quality care, medication refills must be addressed at the time of your appointment. Unless it is an emergency, appointments should be made for refills two weeks in advance of your prescription running out. The Fisher Peak Medical Clinic has a No Phone/Fax Renewal Policy. If you are seeking narcotic prescriptions, please review our opioid contract.

Uninsured Services

Provincial health insurance doesn’t cover all services. For example: forms and sick notes require payment. All forms must be presented at the reception desk and paid for before the office visit.

Uninsured services include: Sports Medicals; Employment Medicals’ Driver’s Medicals; Circumcision; Botox injections; Forms; Medical Letters; Chart Transfers; Chart Copies.

This Is An Academic Facility

This is an academic facility as we assist in the training of family medicine resident doctors at this clinic. A resident doctor can diagnose and treat your condition and will have a supervisor readily available. The supervising doctor is responsible to ensure that your problems are accurately addressed. You may be asked to see a resident doctor and we encourage you to allow them to facilitate us with your care. If you have a very personal issue that day and do not want to see a student or resident doctor please inform the staff or the student/resident and we will do our best to accommodate your request for that visit.

Cancellation/Late Arrival

If you need to cancel your appointment we ask that you give 24 hours notice so we may give another patient the opportunity to be seen. We also understand that emergencies do come up, please contact us as soon as possible if you need to cancel or will be late.

No Show Fees

If you cannot come to your appointment you must give the clinic 24 hours notice to avoid getting a “No Show Fee”. Three or more no shows may be grounds for dismissal, at the discretion of your physician.

Zero Tolerance for Abuse

Abuse of staff, patients, physicians and all other members of the clinic will not be tolerated. Abuse can take many forms including but not limited to intimidation, condescending or patronizing language, impatience, refusal/reluctance to answer questions, giving misleading information and manipulation. Incidents will be recorded and reported to the appropriate personnel. We will take corrective action up to and including termination of patient status, employment or permission to remain on the property, based on the severity of the incident.

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